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From the mother of the world, Egypt, the land of civilizations and the landing site for ambitious businessmen, and in the capital, Cairo, the Attraction Company for Integrated Solutions was born, which is considered one of the most important digital marketing companies in the Arab world with more than ten years of experience, a professional team and a strong business history that offers you a package of the most important hosting and web design services Dynamic in all programming languages ..

our vision
We aspire to be the fortress of digital marketing in the Arab world in which every successful entrepreneur takes refuge and to expand our services to the Middle East and spread our company’s branches around the world, to provide everything new in the field of information ..




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Our Services

We offer a range of different services such as

استضافة المواقع
Web Hosting

Attraction offers a range of web hosting plans that meet the various needs and aspirations of internet servers by adopting the latest systems, technologies and programs that help you achieve this, with 24/7 technical support to solve any problems or answer any inquiries of our customers Honorable people.

Web design & develop

Consistent, attractive, responsive designs for all screen sizes, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Designing and programming dynamic websites using different advanced programming standards and languages to make your site work efficiently and your site will be more user friendly and attract more visitors.

Design online stores

Designing an online store to sell products online The site includes the following: the most important pages within the store (home - store - brands - special offers - blog - contact us) The ability to display an infinite number of products with prices, pictures and all details of each product, purchase orders, shopping cart and payment methods

Mobile App Design

The design of mobile applications has recently spread widely different types and forms of mobile applications that depend on different systems such as Android systems and IOS systems, and the reason for this great spread is that most Internet users have become connected to the Internet through the use of smart phones.

Video Design

Making a promotional video is one of the best ways to attract visitors to websites. The visitor can learn about your company, the nature of its work, the type of its business, and how it can benefit from the services and products offered by the company through promotional videos. Because the duration of human attention does not

E - Marketing

Social networking sites have recently become the first platforms on which all individuals of all ages converge, whether young or old, which makes it a rich climate and a fertile environment for docking with the target segment, and the closest and fastest access to them and fulfilling their needs, but the matter is not ..

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Why attraction ?

Experience more than 10 years

Our experience in this field is more than 10 years in the Egyptian and Arab market

Technical Support

A dedicated team to provide technical support to our customers 24/7/365 for free

Strong and professional team

Professional team, experience to delight customers providing the best possible quality

Our reference

Our partners in success These are some of the opinions and comments of our valued customers, and there are many and we thank them for their dealings with us

PI Makina Egypt company
After suffering, we found it one of the committed companies on time delivery and technical support
Salalah Store
Always been very helpful, they always fulfill our requirements, anytime and never let us down!
Dr. Mahmoud Abu Al-Azaim
Attraction has very good technical support for clients Really good team and excellent management
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