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Our company has been considered one of the best leading companies in this field for 10 years and we specialize in the field of hosting, developing and designing websites in Egypt and the Arab world. We have long experience in the field of electronic marketing, global search engines (SEO), and application programming


Our Services


Web Hosting

Attraction offers a range of web hosting plans that meet the various needs and aspirations of internet servers


Web Design & Develop

Consistent, attractive, responsive designs for all screen sizes, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones

design online shop

Design Online Store

Designing an online store to sell products online The site includes the following: the most important pages within the store


Design and printing

We specialize in designing and printing publications, banners, flex, and everything related to them, including cards, leaflets, and internal and external banners.

attraction mobile

Mobile App Design

The design of mobile applications has recently spread widely different types and forms of mobile applications



Social networking sites have recently become the first platforms on which all individuals of all ages converge and we help you develop it

What Sets Us Apart

Technical Support

A dedicated team to provide technical support to our customers 24/7/365 for free

Experience more than 15 years

Our experience in this field is more than 15 years in the Egyptian and Arab market

Strong and professional team

Professional team, experience to delight customers providing the best possible quality

15+ Years of Experience

Better Service than anyone

A dedicated team to provide technical support to our costumers 24/7/365 and totally for free!!!

special offer

- Free domain for one year

- 2 GB free hosting for a year

- 10 official emails

- Dynamic Responsive website for all screens

- One year free technical support

- Special price ONLY this month


After suffering, we found it one of the committed companies on time delivery and technical support.

تقييم اتراكشن على جوجل

Attraction has very good technical support for clients Really good team and excellent management.

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