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Social media has recently become the first platforms on which all individuals of all ages converge, whether young or old, students or teachers, housewives or businessmen. It requires a well-thought-out plan and comprehensive market analytical strategies to avoid possible risks in the future and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of competitors and study their weaknesses and strengths to take advantage of them.


By managing social media services, we work to reach the largest possible number of the target segment, and draw their attention to your services / product, until it is used and the desired profit is achieved. Through this study, we help you :

@ Make a complete strategy with the most popular keywords, targeting the required category .

@ Writing professional content compatible with SEO standards .

@ Managing pages and social media accounts .

@ Create designs for all posts and articles that are submitted .

@ Manage sponsored ads tailored to target a specific category .

In the arena of search engines on the Internet, millions of sites compete to attract the largest number of visitors, lead the engines, and occupy the first place in the search results, and the difference between the success and failure of the site is its ability to attract target customers to it. And the necessary steps that the site advertising specialists at Attraction apply to revolve around searching for the difference in what the site offers, in the site itself – its shape and visual identity, and in the way the site is presented to the public. Difference generates creativity and creativity always attracts the eye, and also attracts engines Search because you are interested in it and raise it to the first results on the first pages. Working on your site requires a lot of commitment and saving the largest amount of time and effort required, and in order to reach each individual you want to target, you must first trust us so that we can do :

@ Study the status of your site for SEO .

@ Writing creative content compatible with SEO standards .

@ Define a set of keywords for your project field .

@ Geo-locate your ad to display in and around that domain .

@ We are working on showing your site name on other sites in your field .

@ Google evaluates your ad based on certain criteria and we at Attraction know how to make your ad meet these criteria in order to obtain a higher ranking in search engines and thus priority in appearance.

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