Mobile App Design

The design of mobile applications has recently spread widely different types and forms of mobile applications that depend on different systems such as Android systems and IOS systems, and the reason for this great spread is that most Internet users have become connected to the Internet through the use of smart phones.

Application programming is one of the most important areas of information technology in recent years, especially with the wide spread of applications and their transformation into an important and indispensable part of our daily lives. Statistics indicate that 60% of Internet users use the Internet through applications more than desktop devices. If you want to start an application project New, the company’s team will help you with the following:


@ Determine the purpose of the application and the way it works.

@ Study and analyze the idea of the application, its presentation, colors and suggestions.

@ Presentation of the initial form of the application, the way it works, and the time it takes to implement it.

Mobile application programming languages

The programming language Java is the first of the programming languages preferred by all Android application developers around the world. Android apps..

Android Studio: The best integrated development environment for developing and designing Android applications that makes it easier for developers to write the source code of Android applications, and also allows the developer to preview the appearance of his application on various screen sizes immediately during development, and facilitates the development of multilingual applications..

Swift: is the official language that invaded the Apple system, as it takes into account the use of the latest API of Apple. But despite being a language that was created to work alongside Objective-C, Apple is preparing this language to be the basic language for iOS programmers in the future, and it also exempts developers from security vulnerabilities. Currently, Swift is considered a future language for the giant Apple..

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