Computer networks and surveillance cameras

computer network installation

We have a specialized team of engineers in the field of information technology, which provides installation and maintenance services for computer networks for industrial and commercial companies in all sectors.

  • We offer computer network installation and maintenance services.
  • Computer network design for offices.
  • The work of software, hard ware and servers for all devices.
  • Network maintenance contracts.
  • The work of a protection system for all devices. 

The company is also working on designing wireless and wired networks of the highest quality and in a manner that suits the engineering nature of the building. With the provision of maintenance work for the existing networks, and facilitating the effective sharing of data between the people of the place, in addition to providing protection for the network through the firewall software & hard ware.

The company evaluates the technological environment within the company or organization, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the network, presents a report with recommendations, and develops a map to help the company obtain a complete system for the Internet and computer.

Surveillance camera installation

Monitor your home, office, or factory from afar using the latest security surveillance camera technologies and systems, as the company provides you with the strongest and cheapest offers for selling and installing surveillance cameras in Egypt.

We have exclusive offers to install security surveillance systems in all places, and we install in all governorates of Egypt, where we provide high-quality cameras, with high specifications and high accuracy, all cameras have a night vision feature, which is ideal for all surrounding environmental conditions and whatever the degree of illumination, all The cameras will reveal all the details and do continuous recording around the clock, and the cameras can be viewed from a distance through the mobile, tablet, laptop or computer and in complete safety, and because we are keen to provide all solutions available to all our customers, we offer all kinds of surveillance cameras

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