For many people, the term website is synonymous with every URL that they’ve ever visited. They’re under the impression that anything entered into the address bar of their favorite browser will result in visiting the desired website.
Not every URL you visit can be classified as a website.
The thing is, not every URL that you visit can actually be classified as a website. Some of them are more accurately referred to as web applications. It sounds like we might be dealing with a case of semantics, but we?re not. While the terminology may not make much difference to the end user, it definitely makes a difference to your business in terms of understanding your requirements, planning for the future, and communicating with potential web development agencies.

In order to help you differentiate between websites and web applications, we?re going to help you to set them apart. We?re also going to cover the importance of planning for the long term. So your business might be in need of a website