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Design promotional video

Making a promotional video is one of the best ways to attract visitors to websites. The visitor can learn about your company, the nature of its work, the type of its business, and how it can benefit from the services and products offered by the company through promotional videos. And because the duration of human attention usually does not exceed 8 seconds, you only have 8 seconds to attract the visitor’s attention to your brand and reach your marketing message.

Of course, it is difficult to do this with textual content no matter how good it is, nothing is more capable of capturing the attention of visitors than visual content. One of the best marketing approaches is to make a promotional video to increase your site’s conversion rate and persuade the visitor to take a certain action. Such as completing a purchase, or registering on the site, and so on. Dropbox increased its conversion rate by around 10% by creating featured sponsored videos.


How to make a successful promotional video?

@ The video should be short, because the rate of human attention today is short, not more than a few seconds.

@ Make the video interesting Don’t expect people to watch the video if it’s boring.

@ To communicate the marketing message from the beginning. Many people will not watch the video until the end, so you have to make sure when making an advertising video that you put your brand and important marketing messages in the first seconds of the video.

@ Call to action The video should contain a call to action, for example, when making a video for YouTube, you should always ask viewers to subscribe to your channel and activate the bell button, but if you make a video to promote a website or online store, the video should contain Clearly the address of the site or store and its social accounts.

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